Investment Policy and Asset Allocation

At Petra Trust, our emphasis on investment policy formulation, strategic and tactical asset allocation, and benchmark design ensures that the investment goals of our schemes are achieved. We provide the following investment services.

Investment policy formulation

We leverage our experience in the industry to design robust investment policies that ensure the right inputs into the investment process are evaluated in a robust and disciplined manner. Investment policies are formulated with the client’s goals in mind with clearly defined strategies to achieve these goals. Our proven track record in investments and asset allocation provides your employees the best chance of enjoying superior investment returns on their pension contributions.

Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation

The asset allocation decision typically contributes more than 90% of the investment return of your fund and Petra Trust approaches this function with the level of competence and care that it deserves. We apply our knowledge of the behavior of and connectivity among the different asset classes to determine how they will return in our medium to long term forecast for the global and domestic economy. We then allocate your assets to the different asset classes in a way that maximizes the potential return while controlling for downside risk.

Benchmark Design

We design appropriate investment benchmarks to replicate each asset class. These indices will be used to validate and evaluate our asset allocation decisions. In addition, they provide a means of measuring the performance of each fund manager as the returns they generate in their portfolio allocations will be measured against a benchmark.

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