Corporate Trustee

What We Do

As a corporate trustee, Petra provides all the investment and administration services with the sole aim of providing the scheme member with competitive investment returns and exceptional customer experience.

Employer Sponsored Schemes

Fund Administration Services

At Petra, we recognize that good governance and administration are crucial to pension fund management for Employer Sponsored as well as other standalone schemes. So we combine state of the art technology with thorough administrative processes to ensure that employees receive accurate and timely information on their contributions and investments, and that all regulatory requirements are satisfied.

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Employer Sponsored Schemes

Independent Trustee Services

We offer investment advisory services to employer sponsored and other standalone schemes. As an independent trustee on your board, we bring to your board of trustees a world-class level of knowledge and experience that is unrivalled in the market, having advised and managed assets for some of Africa’s largest central banks and pension industry participants.

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Employer Sponsored Schemes

Staff Training Services

The world of pensions can be complex and confusing. There are times when you need a compass to find your bearing and direction. Our staff training programs and retirement planning seminars will educate your employees and assist them in planning towards their retirement goals. We break down the complex pension and investment processes making it easy for employees to know when their decisions and investments are in line with their goals.

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Master Trust Schemes

Petra Advantage Pension Scheme (Tier 2 Scheme)

The Petra Advantage Pension Scheme is a Tier 2 Master Trust Scheme registered by the NPRA in 2012 to provide a holistic pension trustee services to employers sponsoring a mandatory, tax-advantaged defined contribution scheme for their employees as required by the National Pension Act, Act 766(2008). The scheme was adjudged Pension Scheme of the Year at the Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards, 2017, and offers exceptional administrative services, world-class customer service and remarkable returns.

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Master Trust Schemes

Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme (Tier 3 Scheme)

The Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme is a Tier 3 (Provident Fund) Master Trust scheme registered by the NPRA in 2012 to provide both employers and employees an opportunity to make extra savings toward their retirement. Under this voluntary tax-advantaged scheme, up to 16.5% of an employee’s monthly income can be contributed into the scheme tax free.
The Petra Opportunity Pension Scheme has industry leading Service Levels, exceptional customer experience and offers innovative value-added services that makes it the best provident fund scheme in the industry.

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Retail Products

Savings Booster

Savings Booster® is a flexible savings plan that provides you with a competitive return, while giving you access to your funds anytime you need it with Savings Booster, you can easily save towards your dreams and financial objectives (building seed capital for a business, funding your children’s education, buying your dream home, etc.).


Savings Booster is managed professionally by experts with over 60 years of collective experience in managing investment funds.